Tech Talks - September, 2013

Principles of Design
by Prof. Govinda Raju

About the speaker: Prof. Govinda Raju is a retired IISc professor from the Department of Aerospace Engineering with 41 years of teaching experience. He is also the recipient of the Dr. V M Ghatge Award and a Fellow of the Aeronautical Society of India. Prof. Govinda Raju has also worked with Lockheed International Research Institute (USA) and has taught courses in aeronautics covering aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aerodynamic test facilities and airplane design. He is currently teaching at the International Institute of Aerospace Engineering and Management Jain University, Bangalore.

Abstract: Engineering design is a problem solving activity with the following characteristics: many simultaneous and often contradictory requirements, many parts, many disciplines and many solutions. The designer seeks a specific solution to the problem of meeting the design requirements in a specific context. The context is broadly defined by a design environment which includes physical, technological and socio-economic factors. The talk describes in some detail how a designer attempts a solution to the design problem and illustrates the same by application to a fan for driving a wind tunnel.

Date: 26th September, 2013

Jed-i Learning Centre,
Century Quadra(3rd floor),

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