Tech Talks - March, 2013

Where Am I? - An Experiment in Indoor Positioning
by Prof. K.V.S. Hari

About the speaker: Prof. K.V.S. Hari is a professor at the Electronic and Communication Engineering department of the Indian Institute of Science.

Abstract: Indoor Positioning of people (or objects), where GPS is not available, is an interesting problem with several applications. Several solutions exist of which, positioning based on WiFi, Video-Tag identification, Ultra Wideband signals and Inertial sensors, are a few examples. In this talk, we consider a scenario where a First-Responder team enters a building after a disaster and the position of each member of the team needs to be known to the control center outside the disaster-affected building. Specifically, we will discuss how an Inertial Navigation System (INS) embedded in a shoe can be designed, to address this problem. A demonstration of a working prototype of the first version of the system will be shown.

Date: 28th March, 2013

Jed-i Learning Centre,
Century Quadra(3rd floor),

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