Tech Talks - August, 2013

My Encounters in the Engineering World
by Dr. Jagannath Raju

About the speaker: Dr. Jagannath Raju is the Director & Co-founder of Systemantics, a robotics company. A graduate from IIT Madras in Mechanical Engineering (72-77) batch, he is also a member of MIT Enterprise Forum - Bangalore.

Abstract: The talk will address the challenges small companies face in developing products or solutions, focusing on the critical role that a multi-disciplinary approach and facility with applied physics and mathematics play in real-world product development and solution engineering. The talk will exemplify the use of Systemantics industrial robotic arm and other examples to illustrate the numerous small practices that in the whole will yield a predictable and maintainable design.

Date: 21st August, 2013

Jed-i Learning Centre,
Century Quadra(3rd floor),

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