Tech Talks - April, 2013

Evading Death by Assembling a Billion Strings
by Dr. Ramesh Hariharan

About the speaker: Dr. Ramesh Hariharan is the CTO at Strand Life Sciences and Adjunct Prof. at IISc. He works on the design and analysis of combinatorial algorithms as well as on the application of computing to applied molecular biology problems. See Prof. Hariharan's website for more information.

Abstract: Two children born in a family pass away suddenly within the first 1.5 years of life. In this era of genome sequencing, we set out to find the cause, and see if future children can be spared this fate. We run the DNA of these children and their parents through a sequencer and we are then left with a large number of little DNA snippets we have to put together to unravel the puzzle. This requires some interesting string matching algorithms, engineering of these algorithms on interesting parallel computing paradigms, and finally a lot of bio-medical information. Do we find the answer at the end? Find out in the talk!!

Date: 30th April, 2013

Jed-i Learning Centre,
Century Quadra(3rd floor),

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