In-House Program

Robotic Pet

Build your own little robotic pet!

Engineering was never about mugging 10,000 formulas! It is about building things. Finding joy in things you build. Letting your imagination run wild.

This Jed-i workshop empowered students to feel happy and proud that they are engineers, WHO CAN BUILD THINGS.


During the session, students learned about Sensors, Transducers, Electronics and a dash of Processing via programming.


"I can't express how much I enjoyed this session. In a span of one week, I've grasped so many new concepts & understood the others that I had spent almost 2 semesters learning. Also, I think the fact that I was able to apply my mind to concepts that don't fall directly in my stream and yet I enjoyed them so much because of the way they were taught & carefully explained really helped me. Can't wait for a follow up session!"
~Lakshmi Ashok, Atria Institute of Technology

"Before this workshop, I would have never thought I could build anything on my own. With Jed-i, I have the confidence of building something myself. Jed-i is awesome fun. I've become a fan of every teacher here."
~P. Gokul, SJCIT

"All the sessions were conducted in an even manner and importance was given to every field of engineering. I had an opportunity to use my creativity unlike in college."
~Adarsh Upadhyaya, NMIT

"I started looking at things from a third person's view and put theory to use. I have learnt things which I wouldn't have learnt anywhere else."
~Vikram T, SJCIT

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