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Jed-i recognizes the dearth of talent that is shackling product and technology companies. Organizations often witness the luster fading off its task force and see a dire need to refurbish. Jed-i sees it too, that's why it created tailored corporate training programs! Jed-i's innovative modules challenge the young and old minds enough to leave them refurbished.

A dose of Jed-i could just be what your organization needs. Read on to find out more.

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The Jed-i Capsule

'Well begun is half done', goes a famous saying by Aristotle, yet most organizations get caught in the rigmarole of running routine induction programs with endless powerpoint presentations. In stark contrast, the programs offered by Jed-i are carefully crafted to provide just the right environment to induce new recruits into the corporate world.

Not just that, Jed-i also understands the growing demands of the corporate world and the inability of its employees in coping up to meet them. More often than not, organizations are forced to diverge from business development to meet the impending needs of its employees. Here is where Jed-i offers to do some hand-holding.

Jed-i offers modules that are technology-assisted and pedagogy-driven. Extensive use of computational tools is integral in the learning process that Jed-i offers. Meticulously designed by the experts at Jed-i, every Jed-i module ensures experiential learning. This is how Jed-i does the refurbishing!

The Professional Education programs are customised for the organisation and are held at the Jed-i Learning Center or at the company.

In addition, we have In-House programs that may be of interest to the engineers in your company as well. We, at Jed-i, will be happy to customize these programs for you. Click here to see more on our range of In-House programs.


Clients and Testimonials

"The overall learning of what it takes to create a product from idea to production was really interesting and useful. I was able to see the importance of thinking outside-the-box for any customer requriement."
~Participant from Tata Elxsi

"It was very helpful and directed towards helping us think in a better way rather than just coding. I leave this place as a better programmer!"
~Participant from Ittiam

"Great course! I now know better tools to optimize my programs with and also my way of thinking about architecture of good programs has changed."
~Participant from Citrix

"The 3 days in the Jed-i program were the best of my professional career. Lots of enjoyment and learning."
~Participant from Citrix

"Terrific Product Design & Engineering program. I would recommend this to everyone who contributes to a product!"
~Participant from Cognizant

"It makes you look at a different perspective for building product & reinforce the need for domain knowledge or knowledge of customer environment while building product."
~Participant from Pitney Bowes

"Learnt a lot about product design, way to approach the problem statement & design a product that solves the problem."
~Participant from Flipkart

"Provides a different perspective than the traditional IT perspective."
~Participant from Siemens

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