In-House Program

Graphics and Gaming

Our 5-day Jed-i workshop taught students how to create computer games of all kinds: video games, Xbox games, mobile games, and online games!

In particular we covered topics that taught students to conceive, design and build his/her own game and in the process learn the following: fundamentals of computer graphics, gaming, graphics programming, user interaction, WebGL, a game engine, and the nitty-gritty that goes into making a highly addictive computer game.

The program was taught by faculty who have conducted numerous graduate level courses and industry workshops in graphics, virtual reality, perceptual computing and user experience design.


Finally play a game that you built yourself!


"I absolutely enjoyed the entire workshop. It was an extremely enriching experience. I learnt the most in the practical sessions where we put all our theoretical knowledge to practice."

"This workshop has been a real eye-opener and a very productive 5 days. The Jed-i experience was excellent and I wanted the course to go on for more days."

"I enjoyed the session where we built the game and learnt the most in the mathematics session. When is the next session?"

"I enjoyed the session on the various types of geometrics that are there and that they are not just virtual worlds where special laws hold but actually model real world applications. I learnt the most in the session about geometrics and the session about the graphics pipeline."

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