Advisory Board and Council

Jed-i Advisory Board

Our Jed-i advisory board brings together individuals who are leaders in their field. They provide us with valuable knowledge and insights that help us move towards the future of engineering.

Prof. C. Amarnath

Prof. Amarnath is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate of 1968. He earned his Ph.D in the area of Mechanism Synthesis and Design in 1976 and joined IIT Bombay as a faculty member soon after. He has held several senior positions like Head of Dept and Dean at IITB. He is presently heading SINE, the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre at IIT Bombay.

Prof. Amarnath was instrumental in establishing, and is the current President and founder secretary of the Association for Machines and Mechanisms the national body affiliated to the International Federation of Mechanism and machine Theory. He is a member of several Govt. of India organizations like DST, TIFAC and chairs some of their committees.

Dr. Varghese John

Dr. Varghese John has a BS and MS in Physics from the University of Madras and a PhD in Physics from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Madras, India.

Post doctoral research positions included work as a Research Associate at the University of Rochester, Syracuse University, and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. His work included research in string theory, Quantum Gravity, QCD, condensed matter physics and the study of fluctuating membranes.

Varghese spent ten years at a leading investment bank, most recently as Executive Director in charge of the Global Fixed Income Risk Platform. During this time he has worked on developing real time distributed computing platforms and developing high performance analytics for risk management.

Dr. R. Ravi

Dr. Ravi is a Carnegie Bosch Professor of Operations Research and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Ravi received his bachelor's degree from IIT, Madras, and Master's and doctoral degrees from Brown University, all in Computer Science. He has been at the Tepper School of Business since 1995 where he served as the Associate Dean for Intellectual Strategy from 2005-2008. Ravi's main research interests are in algorithms for combinatorial optimization, and their applications in the intersection of business and technology.

On the academic side, Ravi's research has been continually supported by the NSF since 1995; In this period, he has supervised a dozen doctoral theses and developed over half a dozen new graduate classes. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Management Science and the ACM Transactions on Algorithms. He started serving as Area editor for Operation Research for the Discrete Optimization area in 2012.

Dr. Raju Viswanathan

Dr. Raju Viswanathan has extensive expertise across a breadth of areas of science and technology including physics, computation and bioengineering and in particular has made a variety of contributions to cutting-edge biomedical applications. Most recently, he was a founder of Tursiop Technologies, LLC, a developer of high-performance nanotechnology-based image acquisition devices for MR imaging, and serves as a technology consultant to medical device companies. Prior to founding Tursiop Technologies, Raju was senior director, Systems R&D and Physics, at Stereoaxis, Inc., a manufacturer of robotic interventional surgery equipment, where he architected the magnetic navigation platform and developed sophisticated system automation as well as a range of devices for cardiology and vascular applications.

Raju has served on the external advisory board of the Biomedical Engineering department at Washington University in St. Louis. He has had 47 patents issued with a similar number pending. With a B. Tech. in engineering and a Ph.D. in fundamental physics, he has a passion for making connections across the sciences, a continuing fascination with the study of both natural and synthetic complex systems, and a strong interest in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jed-i Council

Each of the Jed-i council members are recognized for their service and extensive accomplishments in engineering. The council works closely to provide their guidance, analysis and experience in engineering, design and innovation.

Krishna Panyam, Distinguished Fellow

Krishna has a Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and engineering.

Most recently, Krishna was a co-founder of GloMantra, an internet startup. Prior to that, Krishna worked at Cisco for 10 years, in the area of Voice applications. Krishna loves to practice and teach Origami in his spare time.

Bharathi Konnur, Senior Fellow

Bharati's background is in Mechanical Engineering. She has a Master's degree from the Indian Institute of Science and a Bachelor's degree from NIT, Surat.

Bharati worked as a faculty in Engineering at Highline Community College, U.S.A. where she taught core Mechanical Engineering courses. Her contribution in this role was beyond class room instruction. Bharati contributed in enhancing student learning by integrating hands-on experiments, theory and computational methods.

Prior to that, she worked in GE Research and Development in the Computational Fluid Dynamics team. In this role, Bharati was involved in thermo-fluid design and analysis of sub-systems of aircraft engines, turbines and compressors.

Bharati strongly believes that combining conceptual learning with experimental investigation will kindle the true Engineering spirit in today's students.

In her spare time, Bharati loves to practice Hindustani classical music.