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Over the past two decades, the success of the IT industry and its huge appetite for students with engineering degrees has skewed engineering education in India in many ways. If on one hand it has led to massive employment generation, on the other, it has left engineering education in India broken. Engineers are being churned out in spades, but, fewer of them are getting hired by the day. The dire need of the hour is to transform engineering education in India. Jed-i plays the role of a transformer.

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Jed-i conducts workshops that invigorates young minds with the force to tackle challenges in engineering. Carefully crafted so as to make the foundation sound by strengthening basics, our programs aim at solving hand-picked problem statements that involve core concepts of engineering that help participants derive at a wholesome solution.

Jed-i Project Challenge

The Jed-i project challenge is an annual event designed to identify and showcase the best final year engineering project. The challenge is open to students of all branches from all engineering colleges across India. The branches will be grouped into three divisions for evaluation: Computing, Electrical, and Mechanical.

To know more details, please visit the Jed-i Project Challenge website.


"Amazing things have to always be shared. New things have to be learnt by all. Knowledge regarding our further profession has to be strong. All this can be done by only Jed-i sessions."
~Student, CiTech

"Method of teaching was nice and innovative. Blended theory with practical, went into levels of detail never dealt with in regular classes. Good exposure, shows areas we gotta improve."
~3rd year PESIT student

"This is the only class that exposes me to the world of engineering."
~Student, CiTech

"I would recommend Jed-i sessions to my friends as it would help to diversify the way they think, think out-of-the-box and innovate. Something that no other sort of session would convey."
~Student, DSCE

"Jed-i makes a large expression on youngsters to invent something new in the future."
~Student, DSCE

"These three weeks have been magical, it managed to shake us to our core to understand everything as an engineer."
~3rd year PESIT student

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