Should the project be original?

The challenge is to showcase engineering excellence. Not inventions or discoveries. Any project that demonstrates the ability to identify an engineering problem, analyse it, and solve it within real-life constraints is worthy of participation.

For example, if you find a technical paper describing an engineering problem and its solution, a final year project that replicates the solution successfully is a worthy project. Obviously, copying some software or reproducing a theoretical result published in a paper, or reproducing a paper design are not worthy projects! On the other hand, replicating a stress test physically, measuring and validating the result published in a paper is a good project.

I am a mechanical engineering student but my project involves some software simulation and CAD tools. Should I submit under computing group or mechanical group?

In this case, the project should be submitted under mechanical group. The grouping is not based on the nature of the project, but based on the branch of engineering that the team is registered in.

We are doing a joint project with two mechanical engineering students and one electronics engineering students. Which group should we register under.

Doing interdisciplinary projects is an excellent idea and ideally most projects should be of this nature. However, for this Challenge please make a choice of one group depending on your understanding of the scope of the project. During evaluation our Jury will take this into account.

I am doing my third year engineering. Can I participate in Jed-i Challenge?

The Project Challenge is currently open only to final year B.E/B.Tech projects and not the pre-final ones.

I am doing my M.E in Biomedical engineering. Am I eligible to apply?

The Project Challenge is currently open to final year projects of any 4 year B.E / B.Tech degree or equivalent. So, you will not be eligible to apply.

we have two projects in our final year: one in the 7th semester and one in the 8th. Would either of the projects be eligible for the challenge or do we have to enter the 8th semester project?

Whichever project is considered the final year project by your college is fine.

Do we have to present during the demo day on the stage or on our laptop screens only.

All projects will have to demo their projects during the morning session at their respective areas (stalls) for evaluation and public. A few of them will be shortlisted to be presented before the jury in the auditoriums during the afternoon. They may have to project their projects on screen or answer questions (as desired by the jury).

Have you arranged for food during the afternoon or should we look for the same.

We will provide food coupons for all the participants for afternoon lunch.

I am doing my MCA. Am I eligible for the Project Challenge this year?

The Project Challenge is currently open to final year projects of any 4 year B.E / B.Tech degree or equivalent. So, you will not be eligible to apply.

With this being national level competition, students from IITs and NITs will be participating. Do I stand a chance?

Yes, there will be participation from all colleges, including IITs. It is your chance to show that the reputation of the college is irrelevant and does not determine the quality of engineering. You will be surprised to find that you are much better engineer than people students from the so called premier institutions.

Second, this is not a competition to eliminate everyone except the 'top' three. This is a Challenge to come forward and showcase your best. We want to invite about 30 projects from each group to Bangalore for the final event, to showcase the range of engineering talent in India. So don't be hesitant. Take up the challenge. You will not be in your final year BE/BTech ever again!

Is there any IPR sharing issue?

No IPR issues: the projects are final year projects as approved by the college/institute. We have no role in specifying the project at all. We do not require any software to be submitted nor do we want the project reports to be submitted. All IP rests with the respective owners. The Project Challenge Team will have no claims on any IP of the projects. See also the question on source code below

I am doing a project with an industry. They will not allow me to submit the source code. So can I participate?

If the project is acceptable as a final year project by your college, then you can participate. Based on the information provided in the mid-term status report, your project may be shortlisted. However, to be selected for the cash prizes, all aspects of the project, including source code must be shown to the Jury, so that the project can be evaluated properly. See question under IPR.

I am doing my final year project all by myself. Am I eligible?

Absolutely! So long as your college allows it, we have no problem

Is it necessary for all team mates to be present during the finals?

We would like all of your project mates to be present for the demo. But, given the constraints, if only a subset of you can make it to the final demo, it is fine with us.

Should i submit my project report to the judges during the exhibition.

We do not require project reports to be submitted. All you need is to demo the project for evaluation.

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