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The Autonomous Aircraft Design program is for the higher years. Learn foundational aerodynamics and control theory concepts that culminate in designing and building a remote controlled airplane.

Learn the foundation concepts of an airplane for desired performance towards the early milestone of building a glider, and subsequently build a remote controlled airplane. Concepts of control theory will be introduced and directed towards a self balancing and autonomously controlled airplane.

Workshop Structure

This workshop consists of 30 hours of intense hands-on-learning spread over five days. All material and tools needed for projects will be made available to the students including consumables like electronics components as well as equipment and kits.

Day 1: Foundations of Aeronautics, Building a Glider to understand the terminology.

Day 2: Aircraft performance and stability, Building a paper airplane to understand flight characteristics.

Day 3: Design Methodology, Calculations of Thrust requirements, Component Selection, Student presentations of their designs.

Day 4: Building the aircraft.

Day 5: Building the aircraft, Demo and ground test of prototypes.

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